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拉面 La Mian World

the quest for the perfect noodle

I have a personal new noodle star in Singapore: It is the Noodlestar!

On a weekday in The Shoppes of the Marina Bay Sands you encounter three floors of emptiness. Empty luxury brand shops, only filled with some human life in the form of the sales and security staff both equally dressed in black.

However, one place is abuzz with people and that is the basement foodcourt next to the artificial ice rink. Finding a table to sit can be a challenge and Singaporeans and visitors alike queue for the best stalls like in a hawker centre.

I heard about this foodcourt having a la mian stall before, and also, that this was to be considered not as good as the one at Lavender Food Square. So I finally had to try it myself. I ordered the beef la mian and some xiao long bao. The chef is skillfully pulling the noodles in front of you at the stall and quickly I was ready for the tasting.

It was excellent! The soup’s flavour just as I like it with a Lanzhou taste to it, the noodles smooth and not too soft.

All in all I am ready now for my first hit list of la mian in Singapore. All are great, but some I like better – here you go:

1. Noodlestar in The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands

2. Xi An Xiao Chi Zhuan Mai Dian in Pearls Centre

3. Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao in Great World City

4. Ju Hao in Lavender Food Square

5. Paradise Dynasty in Ion Orchard

6. Din Tai Fung in Wisma Atria

7. Lanzhou La Mian in Smith Street

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