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拉面 La Mian World

the quest for the perfect noodle

If you google “Lan Zhou La Mian Singapore” you cannot avoid stumbling upon the small restaurant by exactly this name in Singapore’s China town. After reading all the blog posts, food review websites and watching the YouTube video of the resident chef preparing his noodles I was excited to finally try it out.

The restaurant offers all the right ingredients for an excellent noodle experience. It is small and very basic. But: The photographs on the wall picturing all happy guests smiling and holding the pulled noodles together with the non-smiling chef should have made me suspicious. So far all the places with a lot of happy clients pictured on the walls of the restaurant managed to disappoint me  (starting with the all so famous Founder Bak Kut Teh in Balestier Road).

The pan-fried dumplings were outstandingly tasty and I would for sure try other dumplings from Lan Zhou La Mian. The actual noodles however, failed to impress me. The dough was not as tasty as you would want it to be. The noodles too thick and too al dente. Maybe it was because not the famous chef himself was stretching the dough? Maybe Ju Hao‘s la mian are just too good? Maybe it was not a good day to have la mian? I will give it another try on some other day. For now: not my favorite…

Lan Zhou La Mian, 19 Smith Street, Singapore 058933

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