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拉面 La Mian World

the quest for the perfect noodle

Pingyao 平遥 is a UNESCO world heritage city in the province of Shanxi. It is a superpopular tourist destination for the Chinese and to some extent also with foreign visitors. Its historic centre is well-preserved and lies surrounded by the ancient city wall. You can leisurely walk around in its streets and imagine yourself as part of a Chinese historic soap opera.

A friend and I arrived one day in Pingyao at its typical Peoples Republic concrete style train station. From there it is a short walk to one of the city gates to enter the historic centre. Just past the gate I found the right place for breakfast: a La Mian shop!

Its Uighur owners became our best friends in Pingyao. Everyday of our stay in the city we would visit their open kitchen at least once for a bowl of freshly prepared noodles.

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