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So this is the last post on La Mian World. Maybe.

It has been a great journey. The world’s first blog dedicated to the art of  hand pulled Chinese noodles was launched in 2011. With one post per month and fabulous finds of places, restaurants and noodle artists it is the ultimate source of wisdom for all la mian lovers. So or in similar ways goes the usual praise for ones own blog.

Anyway I just had a good time exploring different aspects of the La Mian World, Asian food and countries, taking photographs and last but not least eating and enjoying heaps of amazing, fresh hand pulled la mian.

I hope you enjoyed it as well. Thanks for reading and keep on eating la mian at your local la mian chef’s joint! And of course you can come back and re-read some old post every now and then. It doesn’t hurt.


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Kaifeng 开封 in China’s Henan province boasts an incredibly popular night market where you can savour juicy dumplings, spicy meat skewers and of course skilfully prepared la mian. When the night market swings into action you will find the young la mian pullers, a cigarette dangling from their mouths, the dough whizzing into hundreds of thin noodles, behind their soup-steaming market stalls. The pictured chef, however, serves his meals in a small shop in one of the tiny lanes in the city center.

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