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the quest for the perfect noodle

Bei Fang Feng Wei seems to have a colourful history. When you search for it on the internet you will find reviews and comments about it related to at least three different locations in Singapore. If it was always the same restaurant is not quite clear.

The Bei Fang Feng Wei I am talking about is located just around the corner from Xi An Xiao Chi Zhuan Mai Dian in Pearls Centre in China town.  It cannot really be called a restaurant. It is an even more simple place than its neighboring La Mian outlet. Just a bar-counter, one table and of course the open kitchen with the La Mian Chef bouncing away on the to be noodles.

The simpler the better is for sure true for this new favorite of mine. The broth of the Beef La Mian soup was quite spicy but still superbly tasty and the noodles had exactly the right consistency. Go there – slurp some La Mian!

Bei Fang Feng Wei , Pearls Centre, 100 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore

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