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You should always have ambitious targets in life. My latest target is to try all the Chinese hand-made noodle varieties that I found out about.

I stumbled upon a cooking class in Beijing which offers to teach you how to do a whole lot of different noodles from the provinces of Shanxi and Shaanxi. Some of them I had never heard about. So now I am out for the hunt to try them out.

This is the list and the current status of  ‘found it, ate it’:

Honeycomb-shaped naked oat noodles you mian kao lao lao
Fish-shaped sorghum noodles gao liang mian yu
Knife cut noodles dao xiao mian – found it here and there, delicious!

Hand pulled noodles la mian – of course, the queen of hand made noodles, my favorite of 2011 and of 2012. Of course there are sub-varieties of the actual La Mian from super thin angel hair to triangular, round and fat to flat La Mian. In Singapore you can try those at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao outlets.

Dragon whiskers noodles long xu mian 
Chopstick sorghum noodles ti ba gu
Pinched noodles jiu pian
Shaved noodles ti jian
Cat eared pasta (Chinese orrechiete) mao er duo
Sorghum buckwheat noodle strands he le
Shaanxi chewy belt noodles shaanxi you po che mian – this is very nice and chewy!

Only how will I find all the other different shapes?


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Some five years ago Food Republic was one of my first experiences of the indoor shopping center version of Singapore’s hawker centers. I always liked the one in Wisma Atria for being joyfully bright. With actual windows for natural light, on the top floor of this mall, it is a nice contrast to many other food courts located somewhere in basement one or below.

As a fan of handmade noodles my natural pick here is a stall called Formosa Delight, which is located next to the window facing the Ion Orchard building. Formosa Delight’s signature dish is Dao Xiao Mian with different choices of meat either in a rich soup or wok-fried.

Dao Xiao Mian unlike La Mian are not pulled but cut, shaved or sliced depending on how you want to look at it. Fact is, that the chef takes a huge loaf of noodle dough in one hand and shaves off little longish but slightly chunky slices directly into boiling water, with a knife in his other hand. The result is an excellent chewy noodle, which behaves utterly rebellious when eaten with your chopsticks, leaving nice marks all over your shirt.

Formosa Delight, #04-02 Stall 14, Food Republic, Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore

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