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The best La Mian in 2012!

The time around New Year’s is the time of new year’s resolutions, bucket lists, reviews, best-off’s etc. Here at La Mian World we also sat down to look back on the past year of 2012 and collected some statistical facts. This is it:

I ate La Mian in four different countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

I consumed approximately 50 bowls of La Mian, of these 47 were consumed in Singapore.

I betrayed the cause of La Mian World by eating Japanese Ramen, Vietnamese Phở and Italian Pasta an uncounted number of times.

Running through the list of places I patronized I decided to nominate the top five best La Mian stalls, restaurants, shops and hawkers in Singapore. Just to remember, the La Mian World criteria for excellency in La Mian are

1. Freshness: The noodles have to be hand pulled freshly for every dish served,

2. Craftsmanship: When you look at the noodles you must utter: ‘wow, that is amazing how evenly sized they are, although he just pulled them in front of my eyes’ (bonus points for front-of-the-eye-open-kitchen-la-mian-expert-chef-pulling),

3. Experience: In your mouth the La Mian are blowing you away with their balanced composition of texture, al-dente-ness and flavour of the dough,

4. Composition: Neither the sauce, soup, meat or whatever it is the dish consists of, can dominate over the noodle. The La Mian speak for themself but are complemented with superior sides.

This is the La Mian top five billboard chart hit list:

Which is your favorite La Mian outlet in Singapore or any place around the world?


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After being closed for quite a while I was happy to find out that the great Qun Zhon Eating House in Neil Road in Singapore’s Chinatown had reopened. Passing by after a day of sightseeing with visitors I was ready for a re-fill of dumplings and noodles!

The name in Chinese changed to Jing Hua Xiao Chi I was told and they expanded to two shop house ground floors. As it used to be, the menu is not very extensive but what they serve is excellent. The xiao long bao (usually called soup dumplings in English) live up to their English name and are quite sizable, very juicy and with loads of soup inside. The pot sticker dumplings (Guo Tie) or marvellous, the Chinese Pizza crispy and the Zha Jiang Mian (noodles with minced pork and soya bean paste) also not bad. The noodles are actually not the greatest, but well, in total everything is super tasty. For desert my favorite pancakes with red bean paste are delightful as ever.

In principle the same kind of menu plus some more options is served in Hua Yi Kitchen in Orchard Road. A small and affordable place amidst the cazyness of Orchard shopping I recommend it for repeat visits as much as the Qun Zhong Eating House.

Qun Zhong Eating House / Jing Hua Xiao Chi, 21 Neil Rd  Singapore 088814

Hua Yi Kitchen, 360 Orchard Road, #02-11 International Building, Singapore

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Hungry for undiscovered La Mian spots I was roaming through the massive People’s Park Food Centre in Singapore’s China town. The residential tower of the People’s Park complex is quite a landmark with its distinct bright yellow colour and the green finishing on the top floor.

The number of hawker stalls in the this food centre always amazes me. So does the crowd that frequents them. Here you can see people queuing across the whole floor-width for one particular hawker who is famous for his chicken rice, char kway teow, meat buns or whatever it is.

After I walked the complete centre from stall to stall I figured there is only one option for the La Mian aficionado: Zhong Hua Mian Zuan.

I ordered the You Po Che Mian. Seeing the chef stretching the dough into these extremely broad and nicely chewy noodles was what attracted me to the stall in the first place. Not really paying attention, my bowl was handed over to me and to my disappointment they had replaced the broad band you po noodles with Dao Xiao Mian. Not that I do not like Dao Xiao Mian, which are shaved noodles. But this is not how it is supposed to be! They must have thought the angmo will not realize it anyway. Well, I was already starving at that point in time. The dish was put together in the right way with hot oil poured over the noodles and loads of chili flakes on top. So I dug in and the flavor was fantastic but also fantastically spicy.

By the way: You Po Che Mian 油泼扯面 might also be called Biáng Biáng Mian 彪彪面 and vice versa. This noodle dish is said to have its origin in the province of Shaanxi.

Zhong Hua Mian Zuan, 32 New Market Road, #01-1052 People’s Park Food Centre, Singapore

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