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拉面 La Mian World

the quest for the perfect noodle

Did I mention before that La Mian World is not a food blog?

Actually I intended to start a world-noodle-revolution.

Since the invasion of Sushi in the 1990s in the USA and the 2000s in Europe I kept asking myself, why can La Mian not do the same. It is great, healthy food. Freshly handmade and a real art, just like Sushi.

Maybe it takes more to become a La Mian chef than to be a Sushi master? Maybe noodles are not exotic enough? Maybe La Mian did not find the right promoters yet?

The La Mian World blog managed to prove that La Mian is not at all mainstream but indie, underground, gothic even. The circle of readers is exquisite and shy.

On the other hand it might be attributable to my failure to ride the wave of social media successfully.

Where am I getting at here?  I need your support to start the real La Mian revolution! Come and join me!

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