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the quest for the perfect noodle

The Lao Beijing chain of restaurants in Singapore dishes up what you are craving for in terms of northern Chinese cuisine. To my excitement a long time favorite of mine, 京酱肉丝 Jing Jiang Rou Si, can be enjoyed here.

The small pork strips in a sweet bean sauce taste excellently authentic. The only difference to the original from Beijing is that you won’t be served the “wallpaper” tofu as a wrap but flour pancakes.

Lao Bejing’s dumpling and noodle dishes are also great. Recently I ordered their Dan Dan Mian.

担担面 Dan Dan Mian, to my knowledge up till then, is a quite spicy noodle dish originating from Sichuan province in western China. Minced meat nicely mixes with the very potent hot sauce and noodles.

In the case of Lao Beijing, Dan Dan Mian seemed to be a variation of this dish where the Sichuan sauce was replaced by a mild broth which contained sesame paste or peanut butter. According to wikipedia this is the Taiwanese or American version of Dan Dan Noodles. Still, I enjoyed it a lot also in this variation.

Lao Beijing, e.g. in Velocity@Novena Square, #02-11/12, 238 Thomson Road, Singapore 307683

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